The Linda Milcos Scholarship Fund offers students of families in financial need the opportunity to participate in SRYT Performance Workshops, Camps and

Show-choirs. Linda Milcos was a beloved SRYT Board Member and Supporter

for many years and she believed that SRYT youth theatre provides a

nurturing atmosphere of acceptance and learning that all children, no matter what their economic background, should benefit from. If you are interested in our programs, and if you would like financial assistance, please read the steps below:

​Financial assistance is based on three factors:

1) Financial need of the family

​2) Needs of the SRYT Repertories

3)Talent/dedication of the performer

To become eligible for a scholarship:

​1) The students asks a teacher or coach who knows them well to fill out the SRYT Recommendation Form (This form can be found on our member portal website:

​ on the "Download Current Forms" page.)

​2) A Parent of Guardian completes the SRYT Scholarship Form and provides a copy of last year's federal tax return to verify your eligibility for financial aid.

​(SRYT Scholarship Form can be found on our member portal website:

​ on the "Download Current Forms" page.)

​Mail all the paperwork attention: Linda Milcos Scholarships


​37 E. Allendale Avenue, Allendale, New Jersey 07401

Email to:

Fax to: 201-825-8807

​If it looks like you are eligible and a good fit for our programs, then we will email you to schedule an interview with the student (or students--if there are siblings applying together). After the interview(s), you will receive an email to let you know if you have been accepted to SRYT's programs and the level of financial aid that we are able to provide. Awards vary from 10%-100% of tuition. Returning scholarship students are required to re-apply every year.

Please type into your browser to access our member portal website. In the website menu, click on the "Download Current Forms" page and download both the SRYT Recommendation Letter and SRYT Scholarship Form. Forms can be submitted year-round.