PETER PAN Audition Monologues:

PETER PAN  young boy, lead role, can be played by girl or boy, much singing & movement.  In this monologue, Tinkerbell is answering with jingle chimes. 
This monologue is recommended for the roles of Lost Kids & Tiger Lily & Indians

Tinker Bell! Tink! Where are you?  O there you are!  Do come out of that jug.  Tink, do you know where they put it?   Over there?  But which drawer?  Ah-ha!.  O my shadow, my long lost friend.  I’ll stick you back on with soap.  (tries unsuccessfully to put on shadow) Oh, my shadow!  What’s the matter with you?!

WENDY: oldest Darling child. In NeverLand everyone wants her for their mother. Major role

​This monologue is recommended for the

​role of Tinkerbell as well. (Tinkerbell will be a live action character with dialogue and a song.)

Michael, John, and Everyone is homesick. Yes, we must go home.  Perhaps Mother’s in half-mourning by this time.  Peter, I appeal to you to make the necessary arrangements.  Dear ones, if you all come with me I feel almost sure my mother and father would adopt you.  Now put your beds away quickly, and remember to bring the baby clothes your were lost in.  And Peter, I’m going to give you your medicine before your journey.  Get your things, Peter.  Peter? Aren’t you coming?!

PETER PAN option 2, this monologue is also recommended for Michael age 5-7ish & John age 10-12ish (large roles, with singing)

I don’t know how old I am.  I ran away from home the day I was born .  I heard Father and Mother talking of what I was to be when I became a man.  I want always to be a little boy and to have fun; so I ran away, and I’ve lived a long time among the fairies. But they’re nearly all dead now.  You see, Wendy, when the first baby laughed for the first time, the laugh broke into a 1000 pieces.  And now when every new baby is born, its first laugh becomes a fairy.  So there ought to be a fairy for every boy or girl.  But children know too much now, they don’t believe, and every time a child says, “I don’t believe in fairies,”  there is a fairy somewhere that falls down dead.

CAPTAIN HOOK funny, evil villain. Large role,  Solo singing & dancing.

How still the night is.  Nothing sounds alive.  Now is the hour when children in their homes are a-bed, their lips bright-browned with the goodnight chocolate, and their tongues drowsily searching for belated crumbs housed insecurely in their shining cheeks.  Compare with them the captive children on this boat!  Split me infinitives, but ‘tis me hour of triumph!  Peter killed at last and all the boys about to walk the plank.  At last I’ve reached me peak!  I’m the the greatest villain of all time!

CAPTAIN HOOK option 2. This monologue is also good for Smee & Pirates.

To cook a cake quite large, and fill each layer in between with icing mixed with poison, ‘til it turns a tempting green.  We’ll place it near the house, just where the boys are sure to come.  And being greedy, they won’t care to question such a plum.  The boys who have no mother sweet, to show their mistake, won’t know it’s dangerous to eat so damp and rich a cake.  And so…before…the winking of an eye, those boys will eat that poison cake, and one by one they’ll die.  Holay! 

Then Wendy will be OUR mother.

SPELLING BEE Audition Monologues:

Monologue #1 (Olive Ostrovsky): 
Excuse me, ma’am?  Could you not sit in that seat?  I saved that chair for my dad, and it might take him a while but when he gets here, that’s his chair.  ‘Cause my mother’s in an ashram in India.  I saved a chair for her too, but it’s merely symbolic, as daily she cleanses herself in the ganges.  And I live in a house where there’s an oversized dictionary that I read as a girl on the toilet.  I love my dictionary!  And I love the indented border.  Yes, the words in the dictionary are the friends that I’ll have forever, even more than the friends I have made in school.  Oh, how I love my dictionary! 
Monologue #2 (Leaf Coneybear):
(On the phone) Hello, Leaf speaking.  Uh huh.  Uh huh.  You’re kidding?  I’m gonna represent the Basin in the bee?  Wow, I can’t believe it.  (To family) Mom, Dad, Marigold, Brook, Pinecone, Raisin, Landscape, Paul, you’re all not going to believe this!  I made the county finals in the spelling bee!  Oh, I know I came in third, but they just called and said the person who came in first has to go to their bat mitzvah and the person who came in second . . . has to attend the bat mitzvah, so they want me to do it!  (To audience)  I’m not that smart.  My siblings have been telling me that for years, that I’m not smart.  But guess what, you know what?  Guess what!  I think I could still win this thing!


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